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(Updated January 2006)

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Printing & Publication needs

NTM works in 22 separate locations throughout the Islands Region of PNG.  Each location is at a different stage of church planting, some now have Working Aria Primers 1fully autonomous churches but many have not even heard the truth of God’s Word yet.
Established churches usually have a large range of printed material in their own language, however their
books do not last long in the bush locations and need replacement.  The elders of these church groups come to the NTM Hoskins Centre to replenish this need and have new teaching materials printed.

Sometimes book and materials need updating during the formative years of their new literature asLanguagecheck missionaries find new and better ways to express something.  At times it is nesecary  for a change to be made in word usage and that means contact must be made with the original missionaries who worked in that location and the literature is to be re-printed. 

Missionaries involved in new outreaches take from 4 to 6 years before they produce any literature. First must come the long process of language learning and translation and eventually they become ready to have literacy materials printed.  At a further stage bible portions and bible lessons will also be needed as they begin to teach their new friends the truth of God’s grace.

Tribal Resource Centre

This is where we come in.  Our work is in a facility called the Tribal Resource Centre where we print these literacy and bible teaching materials for our co-workers who work in isolated tribal locations.  We also need to be available to reprint literature that comes into disrepair from constant use.  Part of this is in an advisory capacity giving guidance on formating and presentation for printing.  Most material is translated by the “bush missionary” and forwarded to us for publication by email as hard copy or sent in on a compact disk.  Most books are what we call the initial teaching books and only require simple comb binding, however Bible text is eventually printed and bound in a more polished and permanent manner by NTM publishing in Sanford, U.S.A.

A new part of our work is to set out  all the literature and literacy teaching materials and books in order of priority
according to the different stages of language acquisition through to teaching. This we hope to do to make our co-workers aware what materials are needed next in their work.

Extended Work

Training Indigenous Co-workers - It is desirable to train our national PNG co-workers to run the TRC to establish self-sufficiency in the area of literature replacement.  This has not started yet but as we plan, we trust our Heavenly Father believing He will make it happen.

Co-worker support – Many of our “Bush” missionaries are located in very isolated areas and can become lonely and stressed from difficult conditions.  We hope to visit more of these who are often the only family in their location.  We hope to gain a knowledge of what their literature needs are and to give a helping hand in what ever way is necessary to give relief on the job.  This involves us being away from the TRC for a couple of weeks a quarter and being involved in cooking for bush work teams building houses, asisting with construction and building relationships in the process. Kedekede Steve & Me
PowerpointOther Projects - Another ongoing project is the production of PowerPoint presentations of the work in the Islands Region.  These are to be for use by missionaries on furlough and in NTM training colleges around the world.  The next project is to be called "In depth in the Islands".
Sundry Of course there are always the extra things we need to be involved in to help in the smooth running of the Hoskins Supply Centre.  These include: Centre security, Convention Planning, Primary Cricket instruction, Finance Office work and  Medical Clinic Aid.  There are also times when we are needed for the occasional School Art Teaching, chopper shuttle operation to help in mooving supplies into isolated locations.
We praise our God for His strength!

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