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(Updated January 2006)

What are our future needs? 3 arrow
  • We need prayer teams to pray with us on issues and needs as they arise in the work in the islands region.  Standing against the enemy is work for the whole body of Christ of which we are all a part.  If you are a believer in Christ we covet your standing being part of this team to join us in prayer.  

  • Our desire is to train a local PNG family to do the work in the TRC to provide an on going ministry where the established Churches can renew and up grade their literature and literacy needs.  This will be a new challenge for us but we need prayer to find the right couple.

  • To be able to offer the needed materials to our teams in village locations we need ready access to supplies.  Please pray for ready access for this purpose.

  • There is a great need to establish a systematic supply of literacy aids to make it easier for our new missionary translators and teachers to have access to a system that works well. We will not only provide printing but also things like chalks, dusters, blackboard paint, literature supplies and equipment, pens etc.; basic needs of bible teachers for established Churches.

  • Presently NTM has a number of places where there are new believers after the foundational teaching.  These tribes are Mengen and Ata in East New Britain, Solong and Gie in West New Britain and Lavangai in the northern of New Ireland.  From these locations we will soon receive requests for the literature they have prepaired to be printed.  Out of this and many other tribal groups where NTM have established churches within the Islands Region of PNG, constant requests for new and upgraded teaching books will continue to come.

  • Our need in this is to have the ability and wisdom to produce this material quickly, with quality and at  the lowest cost possible.

  • In the last three years there have been two new outreach locations established along the central area of New Ireland, one at Bom Village and the other at Madak with a further outreach by the Mouk Church to the Lili people.  The missionary families there are presently half way through language and culture studies and it will not too long before they will be ready to teach.  This will mean both literacy materials as well as bible lessons.

Answers 3 arrow
  • Praise God for the supply of a very needed guillotine.  God provided for this machine mid-way through our home furlough and it will streamline the time of production and make for better quality of production.Stapler
  • Praise Him for the provision of a Saddle stapler provided with the guillotine.  It too has been a long time project and one that will make the process of saddle stapling so much easier.

  • Praise God that the Resource Centre was able to be kept in use by various individuels in our absence.

How can you help? 3 arrow

Knees! We value your prayer support. 
islands-admin@hkn.ntm.org.pg or us for updates. 

Pockets! We continue to look toward God for our for financial supporters to be as partners with us in this ministry.

Feet! We desperately need more workers in the harvest field with us. 
Tribal Evangelists/Translators, Certified Practicing Accountants, Mechanic, Business Manager, Electrician, Elementary Teachers, Supply Buyer and Computer Technician.  

For any further information on these contact the secretary at islands-admin@hkn.ntm.org.pg or our training centre at the address below or email to info@ntmdownunder.org    
Other contacts are found on the NTM web site at 

Hands! We need a helping hand.  Whether you give, pray, come or all three, put your hands up to be partners with us in this vital work of reaching the tribes for Christ.  We need a hand.

If you wish to contribute financial support please mail to:
T & E Burns, c/- N.T.M.
Lot 2 Mission Tce.
Laurieton, NSW 2443
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