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(Updated December 2005)
BURNS NEWSLETTER November 2005 Newheader  
Until Christmas: Trevor & Estelle Burns, 7 Megan Way, Westfield, Western Australia, 6111                theburns@oddsocks.net
After: Trevor & Estelle Burns, c/- NTM, PMB Hoskins 622, W.N.B.P., Papua New Guinea  trevor-estelle_burns@hkn.ntm.org.pg

Greetings friends,

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!  (Romans 10:14)

“How fast the year has gone”.  How often have we said that?  Well I’m not sure if it seems more that way the older one gets but the expression sure does seem familiar for us this year.  At the end of it all though the bottom line is that there is a job to do and Paul sums it perfectly when he said, “And how shall they hear without a preacher?”  Contrary to what many think, the old “mission field” is anything but out of date.  In fact with each new generation in those all to familiar traditional fields much of the church planting needs to be revisited.  Old Christian teaching that was supposed to make a difference has only been absorbed into original animistic beliefs.  We often find that original foundational teaching has either worn away by the persistence of the enemy or that it was not a firm foundation.  Perhaps it is time for the church to renew its effort to “go” and make disciples... again.

Furlough: Time home has been full either spending precious hours with our family or catching up with medical and equipment needs.  We have been involved in relatively few meetings to share of our ministry and work in the Islands but we have been thankful for the few times we have had the opportunity.

NTM has given us their blessing to return to Hoskins and continue working in the Islands Resource Centre work.  Our passage is booked and we are scheduled to fly to Cairns on December 28th and then to PNG on January 5th.  We want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all those who have been there for us this year, for your encouragement and support and particularly your understanding while we undertook this time of renewal.  We thank God for you all.

Provisions:  God is the one who provides all our needs and nothing is too hard for Him, but several things have happened this year where God has provided some special blessings.  When we first arrived home He gave us all our accommodation and transport and it has been so good not to worry where we might live or how we might get around. 

God provided for our loving family to be present and made it possible for Johnathan and Candy to spend 6 months in theFamily West during which time He gave us our first grandson, Malachi on March 18th.  Then He gave us our first granddaughter, Keziah on September 20th.

For the Resource Centre in Hoskins God provided us with finance to purchase the long awaited guillotine and saddle-stapling machines to ship up to PNG.  These machines will make the operation of producing literature so much quicker and raise the standard.  Praise God!

Family: After returning to Geelong in July Johnathan and Candy settled down to making ready for their going up to join us at Hoskins in January 2006.  Their church is right behind them and their crating is almost complete.  They still have some deputation to do but are ready to go.  Malachi is now  seven   months and very healthy.
  Michael, Amanda & Keziah – Johnathan, Candy & Malachi 

Amanda is still working as the WA youth rep for SIM and Michael has near completed his third year at Trinity Theological Seminary.  They have just finished running a Saturday seminar called ‘Seize the Day’ on mission, translation, culture and travelling and living in a foreign land.  This was a blessing for all that attended.

Tribal Church planting: It has been exciting to follow the outreach happening in the Islands region this year.  New Creation to Christ lessons has been taught in the Mengen, Ata and Solong tribes and they are in their thirteenth week with two weeks to go to the “head” of the talk.  This is the end of the lessons when the crucifixion and resurrection is taught and is the climax of the teaching.  Please pray for these people that they will see their need and place their trust in the finished work of Christ to commit their lives to Him.  Myu also is in its twelfth week in the village of Aslingpun.

Our friends the Ebersole family on Tsoi Island are heading home for home assignment after a long time of hard work and much prayer in bringing God’s Word to the Lavongai people.  These new believers will be without their missionary families for one year.  Please pray they will continue to trust God, be faithful, keep fellowshipping together and continue studying God’s Word to stand strong in Christ.

To all who came before the Lord on our behalf, for healing and revitalisation that we might continue as God’s servants in His service in the Islands Region for His glory, thank you so much.  Again, would you please take time to pray for the other folks we have mentioned here for God’s kingdom and glory?

Because of Christ,

Trevor & Estelle